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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 13, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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hello everybody. i'm beth troutman. we searched the web pour the best videos of the date. let's get started "right this minute." a shocker inside a filthy home. after a little girl is discovered -- >> in an animal cage. >> the outrageous story about how she got there and what finally led to her rescue. a revealing video shows things the military doesn't want you to see. now meet the guy who lived it and posted it.
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>> has anybody from the marine corps asked you to remove the video? >> yes. a pregnant dog is abandoned on the streets. she was covered in flees. her fur was matted. how she and her pups got a new life and a new look. >> this is an extreme dog makeover. it's an end-of-summer treat. jumping off a cliff has never looked so fun. this first story is shocking. it is heartbreaking and it is difficult to watch. in this video from kprc you're seeing a child inside a cleveland, texas, home. according to police, this 16-month-old girl was being kept in an animal cage inside this home. according to police, there were small cockroaches crawling all around this baby. it had flee and tick bites all over its body. it was drinking from a dir ti
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bottle and living in a home filled with trash, hold and even feces. >> basically they were crate training their baby. >> there's even more to this story. people made phone calls that there were starving horses, dogs and cats on the property. police came to the scene, they did find emaciated horses, cats and dogs, even one horse corpse. then they went inside the home and discovered this child, something that was completely shocking. then it turns out the parents, mabel larson and aaron parker had five children taken away from them in 2009 and their parental rights completely terminated. >> so they just got pregnant again and didn't tell anybody about this child? >> exactly. kprc did talk to a representative from cps and the representative wanted to make clear that they knew nothing about this child. >> we had no indication that this woman was pregnant.
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we did not know there was a child in this home. >> once parental rights were terminated for this couple's other five children, that case was closed. according to law, cps couldn't make drop-by visits. the mother, mabel larson is currently behind bars, held on animal cruelty charges. aaron parker, the father, has also been taken into custody. >> i'm glad she's in better hands now. i've got a video, a raw unsanitized look at what it's like to be a marine. some can be offensive. >> this is bull [ bleep ]. >> we're just wasting our [ bleep ] lives. they want us to stand up here for six hours? >> this is how we provide front security. >> much of this video was shot between 2004 and 2006 in afghanistan. >> give me, give me, give me this. >> a lot of the kids in the area will beg candy, beg for gum or a
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pen. >> you got a glow stick or something cool to give them? >> help us understand more about what it's like to be on the ground and maybe to describe some of what's heard in this video, we've got one of the guys in the video joining us via skype. brock, why post this now? >> it was meant to show within our platoon, the inside jokes we were dealing with, frustrations we were dealing with. it was entirely meant to be sarcastic. we were making fun of ourselves. >> when you look back at some o guys said. >> if you had this, i'd probably kill you. >> how do you view that or explain that? >> it was never meant to be politically correct. we apologize if we did offend anybody. it was not meant as a personal attack on the kids there. >> my brother was a marine in the first war in iraq. he said a lot of people don't
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understand how much downtime you got. >> it's nothing like the commercials they're showing. in reality, it's 99% downtime and 1% in action. this was filmed a long time ago and we were young. we were stupid in a sense. but we made fun of our stupidity. >> there's video that shows pretty intense fire fights, some heavy bombing. >> we're getting attacked again. >> describe those scenarios for us? >> it's confusing. i'd say it's confusing until you know where the fire is coming from. >> once you know where the fire is coming from, that's when all your training kicks? >> has anybody from the marine corps asked you to remove the video? >> yes. that's why we waited until we were out to post it. we're venting, so to speak. >> we did reach out to the marine corps and said we're still trying to identity the authenticity of this video. >> hell yes! [ bleep ]. >> we know fire happens in the
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summer when it's dry, a lot of brush. check out this fire that happened in the middle of a thunderstorm in tampa, florida. the video was captured by a neighbor. you see the flames, the skies are gray. you can hear the rain. in some parts of the video you can also hear the thunder. you do see the fire trucks arrive and they very qckly start fightg tisfire. >> k burning? is it the brush and the trees burning approaching the house? >> the house is on fire. >> the person who was filming this seems incredibly calm. >> i would be getting my stuff out of the house, never mind taking video. >> because the flames are huge. you can tell this is a very strong fire. we can't confirm what caused the fire. but it may have been caused by lightning. you see the firefighters, and at one point the entire house is
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just releasing a ton of smoke as the firefighters are fighting the flames. you never think of what it's like to fight a fire in a thunderstorm in a area. >> the commenter in the video who claims to be the diver in the first engine says when they got there it was an intense seen. everyone was out of the house. he does say the house and all its contents were a total loss. check out this capsized boat. it was found in the atlantic about 500 miles off the azors by the people filming this. they called the coast guard and said the people on the boat got off okay. this boat was first reported capsized in february of 2011, but in june of this year these people sailed by it. check out what may they do, they get under water and see what they find. they've got cameras. you'll see what they saw. they've got their harpoons and going fishing because there's
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easy pickings. >> watch what else they see down there? >> that's a big whale. >> that's a sperm whale sitting there. he was close enough to get up to it to touch it. >> that's brave. i would not go close. >> what's interesting is how all these small fish are following the sperm whale, like hey, where are you going? >> they probably thought the boat was some sort of whale taking them to food. >> this whale is like, i'll hang out, i'll let you film me. >> this takes your breath away. we're just seeing it on video. can you imagine being the guy with the harpoon and coming up on this giant whale? >> capsized boat in the middle of nowhere is creepy. very eerie, the silence of it. the boat is sitting there and you jump in and get the sensation of a giant whale nearby. >> it's close to seeing his eye. >> i wish he would have gotten a shot of a whale and the boat together to give us an idea of the size.
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this little dog asha is a hard luck story with a happy ending. >> here is the sweet thing that happened. >> see how it all turns out right for her and the kids. line up everybody and follow the prank. >> this is so funnily and creative and
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gather around the television set, boys and girls, because it's time for the best of rtm where we tell you about bonus videos. >> you know the long exhaustive back to school lists to find all kinds of stuff? >> yes. >> i have a prank video going into the store. >> helen keller's version of row set that stone. >> take a look at this video, head to our website, and click on. >> best of rtm. i have a sweet, lovely dog to tell you about. her name was asha.
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sadly she was found pregnant and abandoned in the los angeles area. the foundation stepped in and found a shelter to take her in. when she was picked up, she was covered in flees. her fur was matted and she gave birth like shortly thereafter get together the shelter. >> here her cute little babies. her names are amia, karina, why at and emma. two boys and two girls. once she gave birth, her puppies had a hard time eating because they couldn't get at her nipples. here is the sweet thing that happens, the animal medical center in the los angeles area took addie and her pups in, they shaved all of her fur. it took 90 minutes to get the fur off this little dog. >> this is an extreme dog makeover. >> awe, this is so great.
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>> it is great. >> she's like, wait, i'm confused, you're taking off my clothes. >> they're all awaiting forever homes. if you know somebody in the los angeles area looking for a dorks they can pick these babies up. >> i love these rescue stories. these are the best stories ever. think about one of your most un weekend aentu meur up. this is at door set quarry in vermont, the oldest marble quarry in the u.s. it has shear rock walls and is perfect for cliff jumping, cliff diving and pure weekend awesomeness. i love it. it's a great place, free for the folks in that area. a little hard core there. he jumps off one cliff face and bounces off another. then you've got this tandem dive, like synchronized diving with a twist.
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i love the green lush trees all over the place, the color of the emerald water. >> i'm scared they'll knock their heads against something when they land in the water. >> i feel like you have to know exactly where you're going to land. >> it's a popular spot. i think the dangers have been identified. >> if i go there, am i gaern teed to have the cute boys around, too? >> you don't have to worry about them being there. you being there will at tracked how it works. stick around for more rtm. real or fake time or as he say -- >> go max, go max, go max. >> we have weird videos, wacky videos, what the f videos. >> see what we're calling real or fake next. don't
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at, great videos all day long. time for monday fun with max tradal. >> go max, go max, go, go, go max. >> what's up, max? >> a lot of weird videos, wacky videos, what the f videos. i got a secret for your guys, showing you new things you've never seen before.
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>> that's my ear. never been seen before. >> that's true. you've always got your head phones on. >> we have pretty awesome real or fake videos. the first one, like you said, wtf. >> what? >> what's wrong with this man that he's playing on a trolley in the middle of the street. >> maybe his car broke down and he had to go to plan b. >> i think his brain broke down and he's losing it in traffic. >> i'm saying real. >> it's dash cam footage from russia. got to be real. >> they might have set it up, but it's too weird to be set up. >> all in agreement for once today. nice. >> this one i think is for nick. >> oh, yes. >> i think it's fake because the passenger side window is closed.
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why would the driver close the window if this chick is out there. what if she wanted to come back in? >> i think it's fake because of the giant phone number on the fan, a clear advertisement. >> also f you look at this sequence here, her hair is not blowing in the wind. it would be going all over the place. >> yes, i was about to say that. >> good detective work matt tradal. >> the first time i saw it, i thought it was real for sure. >> we're two for two today. we're all in agreement. >> last video, woman has meltdown. >> oh, that's real. >> apparently she's having a meltdown over a mouse in her house. >> there's mice in there. >> i might go out on a limb and say she could be in an altered state of consciousness. >> the one sock is the indicator there. >> it's real. >> i don't know who i feel more sorry for, this woman or whoever is going to have to live with her.
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i'm going real, too. we were in agreement on all three clips. that's a first. >> that is a first. let's see the ear again? >> i can't show you that one. >> this is a g rated show. blake rigsby is back. he's got a prank for us. >> are you a follower or a leader? >>toehonest, i thinkth let me show you what i mean. >> imagine if someone starts following you, you would be creeped out. imagine if 15 people start following you? would you notice? >> i've been going back and forth. you can follow me in both directions. >> we'll go this way. >> quite a few of the people they did this to noticed what was going on. >> every time i see one of these videos, i'm like why didn't i think of this? this is so simple and so effective. >> does he just circle back around? >> going around the pole. >> this is so funny and creative and witty. >> these two guys notice it and
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start running, and so does the gang of 15. >> i love this couple. they seem highly amused by the whole thing. >> they all going the same way, trying to look unassuming next to the people he doesn't know. >> so funny. >> he's got that every mankind of look that makes him, like, not creepy. if i saw this, i would be amused. i wouldn't be creeped out. >> he looks like a nice guy. this is brilliant. it's so much fun to watch them form this long line. >> you know why i like this prank? it doesn't hurt anybody, it's amusing and darn funny. >> 12 burgers, 12 slices of cheese, make you want to -- you know? >> bring over the trash can. >> see the
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so, if you've been sitting on the fence, escape that. >> what's terrifying is how quickly it happens, how quickly it goes down. >> did you ever wonder what airl sounded like? >> would coolerly hear her in the movie. >> i'm talking about the font aerial. >> no, i've never wondered what that sounded like. >> this is what aerial sounds like? >> times new roman. >> throat punch. >> that was weird. i was saying in my head, i
4:56 pm
wonder what it sounds like. >> red-neck style -- >> the guy at the minute blog, that's his interpretation of it. they're weird, but funny. >> aerial narrow. >> what's your voice then? >> i have never even contemplated what a font would sound like. >> i think it's interesting because it's something you would never think about. >> it would be interesting if it sounded like that as you typed it out. >> that would the annoy the pure living daylights out of me. >> hello, beth. i'm using verdana. >> hello! what would you like to eat today, exclamation point. >> what font was that? >> that's my verdana font. do you want another one? >> no. late in july, something incredible happened in toronto, canada. you'll love it because it
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features serious pete and he's watching. he's about to eat 12 were ger patties, 12 slices of cheese. he's in a contest. >> that makes me feel like ihea >> is that supposed to be good. >> i like the handmade t-shirt, sharp pi on a plain t. it oddly makes me want a t-shirt right now. >> i can't get over how much he's gone through and look at his competition. >> he has rath them. it's bite, bite, bite, water. >> it's gross. >> beth would be the best coach to say your chew is off, how you hold the padding. >> we're coming to the end. >> 2:12. >> somebody just said drink that juice, all that greasy slimy stuff in the wax paper. >> please don't. that will make me gag. >> drink the juice. >> bring over the trash can.
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he's got a little funnel action. he swallows all of it! >> this is so gross. >> trash can, didn't i tell you? why would you eat that? >> you knew it was coming. >> i thought i could do it. i thought i had some stomach power. that's it for this edition of "right this minute." we'll see you tomorrow everybody. have a great rest of your day. -- captions by vitac --
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new tonight at 5:00, high security at an airport seems to be no match for a wayward jet skier. >> plus, the trial for the man accused of killing barnes -- barnes was supposed to start today. you can only as scott goldberg explains, security is being called into question after a breach at one of the nation's busiest airports all because of a jet skier. new york's jfk is the busiest gateway on the continent, so you would expect it to have a state of the art motion detecting system. you would not


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